Dentures Supported by Dental Implants

Lincoln Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are an excellent solution for people who have lost a full arch of teeth. The dentures include gum colored acrylic that is matched to your soft tissue and porcelain crowns, which can be personalized to give you a smile that flatters your unique natural beauty. Sometimes a full set of dentures can be supported with as few as four implant posts. This can expedite healing times and save you money. 

The implants are carefully placed into the jaw to give the dentures maximum support. The posts also help preserve the jaw bone by providing stimulation and regenerating bone growth. When bone loss is prevented, your facial structure retains its youthful appearance. There are two types of implant supported dentures:

  • Hybrid Dentures are permanently placed onto implant posts using abutments. 
  • Overdentures are supported by dental implants. They can be removed and clip onto implant posts. 

Sometimes traditional dentures can be retrofitted to gain support from dental implant posts. Dental implants have a 95% rate of success when they are cared for properly.

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