Dental Implant Restorations for a Single Missing Tooth

Single-Tooth Implant Restorations in Lincoln

A dental implant restoration for a single missing tooth is a free-standing, lustrous porcelain crown that is matched to adjacent teeth and supports a strong and normal bite. The implant post maintains the health of your jaw bone and eliminates the need of alterations to neighboring teeth. An implant-supported restoration looks and feels like a natural tooth.

Often, when a solitary tooth requires replacement, it is likely due to damage or decay that has irreparably harmed the tooth’s root. When the root is damaged, a dentist may have no other recourse than to extract the tooth. 

After tooth loss, the jaw bone stops receiving vital stimulation that preserves its structure, which can jeopardize the health of neighboring teeth. Furthermore, with a gap in your smile, surrounding teeth begin to shift out of place, as they start to fill open spaces in your dentition. Dental implant restorations prevent these common issues that occur after tooth loss.

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